ComSat is a Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) based in Goroka with Points of Presence in Kainantu and Port Moresby (PNG). It provides wireless networking solutions for enterprises and individuals.

Primary Link is connected to the Coral Sea Cable System (CS2) providing high speed broadband connectivity with very low latency. Redundancy is secured via O3B satellite.

Alternatively, a low cost broadband internet is now being provisioned via VSAT on Kacific1 which is a high throughput satellite (HTS).

Any enterprise or individuals in urban metropolis can benefit from our high capacity network running on the fibre backbone. Locally built infrastructure is well secured for backhauling and end-to-end connectivity is guaranteed.

Mining and construction sites, government and church institutions in remote and inaccessible localities can be easily connected on Kacific1 HTS. Higher bandwidths at low cost affords quality video streaming, voice and data services for all.

ComSat offers very cheap data rate bundles in the country. Subscribers are benefiting from this service by connecting to our numerous hotspots in Goroka, Kainantu & Port Moresby.

Our full range of ICT services are detailed on our Services page.