Consumer Guidelines

A. Geographical Location

Currently, ComSat has a presence in Goroka, Eastern Highlands Province only. Direct access service for post-paid businesses, departments and institutions; and prepaid Wi-Fi services for the public can only be accessed in Goroka Town and the surrounding communities, extending from Daulo Pass to Korofeigu (Bena) and Lufa districts.

Similar services will be expanded to other urban centres in Papua New Guinea in the near future. Availability of services will be made known and/or publicised for public and private accessibility after successful installation and commissioning of these services.

The map on the right shows locations where ComSat Internet and Wi-Fi services can be accessed.  

B. Terms & Conditions (T&C)  

Services provided are post and prepaid. Post-paid clients are high end users and we normally have a service level agreement (SLA) in place with longer terms of service.  Prepaid services are mainly Wi-Fi users who purchase a coupon (PIN) with data plans. These are either short term, one-off or small users who have to register on-line by logging into our portal page and agreeing to our T&C which are in line with government regulations and guidelines. Post and pre-paid rates can be downloaded here.

Wi-Fi users will be automatically directed to the login in portal page (below) when they click on “ComSAT_WiFi” network on their smartphones, tablets or computers. Alternatively, users can open any browser, then type which should take them to the login portal page (refer below). Users need to register first using PIN before using our services.

C. After Sales Support

ComSat offers excellent post sales support to its clients. Post-paid clients would have signed an SLA which captures the T&C including telephone and email contacts which they can use to request for assistance to troubleshoot and/or resolve issues concerning their Links from our data centre to their premises. Normally these are complimentary services which ComSat does not charge. However, if there are issues with a clients’ internal network, a quote will be submitted which must be agreed on by both parties prior to commencement of work.

Attending to and assisting prepaid (Wi-Fi) users are free as long as they are calling on the listed hotline numbers.

D. Enquiries

Telephone contacts, email addresses, webpage, and site locations are vividly displayed on all correspondences, flyers, banners and digital billboards for existing and potential clients to find or contact us.

Location and address are as follows:

Office Site:

1. Uni Heights via University of Goroka - POP and Earth Station

2. Goroka Bowling Club (opp. Telikom PNG) – HR, Sales and Admin.

  Phone: 5321213 | 75963015 | 72719530



E. Complaints

ComSat’s technical team is on standby from 0800-2000hrs during weekdays and 0900-1700hrs over the weekends to attend to queries and/or complaints which are required to be put in writing and submitted to our office either by mail or hand.

The template (right) provides a guide on how a formal complaint can be completed and submitted. To download the form click here.

F.   Procedure for Resolving Complaints

As ComSat is a small company that has been operating for two years, we have a two-tier approach to resolving complaints received in writing.

i) All complaints are handled by the ComSat technical team. If it is a technical issue, it is usually resolved at the earliest.

ii) If the technical team cannot resolve and deemed as administrative matter, then the issue is escalated to the Managing Director who will meet with aggrieved parties to have it resolved amicably.

G.   Other Information

Services provided to post-paid clients are unlimited internet connections thus require no checking on used or remaining data balance etc. However, for prepaid clients, this is catered for by login in to ComSat login portal page. Clients can easily check remaining data by clicking the appropriate option “My Account”. Using personal username and password that was created at the time of registration, client can then see how much data they have used and remaining data.

H. Credits/Security Deposits

ComSat does not operate credit accounts. All users are required to pay before using its services.

Security deposits are usually taken against client premises equipment (CPE) that are supplied and installed by ComSat at the time of provisioning of the service. Such deposits will be forfeited in the event that the CPE are stolen or damaged due to client negligence. Deposits will be refunded to clients when service term lapses or upon termination of services.

I. Suspension/Termination of Services

Suspension of services will be effected if accounts are in arrears. Services will resume upon full settlement of all outstanding monies owed to the provider (ComSat).

Cancellation or termination of our services will result if:

i) Clients are deemed to have violated conditions of the SLA.

ii) Damage to or theft of CPE.

iii) Failure to pay outstanding bills for more than 6 months.

iv) Improper use of social media (i.e. defamation or character assassination etc.)

Reconnection of services to affected customers will only be done after prudent assessment of the client’s request to resume our services.

J.   Quality of Service (QoS)

ComSat acknowledges its quality of service obligations subject to the Standard and Special Conditions of Individual Licenses Rule, 2011. It will inform NICTA, at the earliest in writing, if there are any changes etc. especially in regards to Schedule 1 of the Licenses Rule, 2011.

ComSat network has 24 hours monitoring system in place ensuring clients are getting the services paid for. Our network has a web interfaced visual monitoring which alarms our technical team to attend to any problems encountered on the network. This ensures minimal downtime.

K.   Confidentiality

It is company policy that all information relating to every internet service customers which include username, password etc are initiated by the clients themselves and securely kept in their information storage. ComSat uses default credentials for initiating services to clients, but these are changed by the clients and are not known or stored by ComSat personnel.

When clients’ Systems crash or forget credentials etc, ComSat will only assist to retrieve and reset new passwords etc upon request from the client.

We recommend, at all times, that:

i) Usernames, passwords, credit card details etc. are securely stored which are only accessible by authorised persons.

ii) Change or modify passwords etc. periodically if abnormal activities within their local networks are suspected.

iii) Subscribers must ensure that power supply is continuous and must install and maintain UPS for the safety of all network devices/equipment.

iv) Create back up of important or critical data stored in their server or local systems.

v) Provide adequate virus and malware protection to the subscribers’ systems.

The full document can be downloaded as pdf file here.